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2008-09 “LOCKER 13", feature film, Prod: John Waldron, Donovan & Adam Montierth.

CHAPTER 1  DOWN AND OUT  Writer: Cameron Young; Dir: Matthew Mebane.
CHAPTER 3  THE AUTHOR  Writer: Jose Rosete; Dir: Jason Marsden

Cast: Rick Schroder, Jon Polito, Tatyana Ali, Jesse Garcia, Steve Eastin, krista Allen, Rick hoffman, Thomas calabro

AWARDS: "Down and Out" Best Short 2009 Charleston Film Festival.

2008 "LOVE AT FIRST HICCUP", feature film, Prod: Regner Grasten & Bob Engelman; Editor Larry Bock; Dir: Barbara Rothenborg.



2007-08 “HOUSE BROKEN”, feature film, Prod: Wayne Rice & Richard Heller; Dir: Sam Harper.

Cast: Danny DeVito, Katey Sagal, Tom Wilson, Matthew Glave, Joseph Skyler, Ryan  Hansen

2007 "HOTEL CALIFORNIA", feature film for Alliance Group Entertainment, Prod: Mike Karkeh, Raye Charles Robinson, & Todd Chamberlain; Dir: Geo Santini.

Cast: Erik Palladino, Tyson Beckford, Raymond J. Barry, Simon Rex, Tatyana Ali, Yancey Arias, Douglas Spain

2006 “KILLER PAD”, feature film for Lionsgate, Prod: Wayne Rice & Avi Chesed; Dir: Robert Englund.

Cast: Daniel Frazese, Lin Shaye, Eric Jungmann, Shane McRae, Joseph Lawrence, Hector Jimenez, Sam McMurray
2006 “HEIST”, the Pilot for NBC/UNIVERSAL, Prod: Mark & Robb Cullen; Editor: Juan Carlos Garza; Dir: Doug Liman.


2005 “YOU DID WHAT”, Independent feature, Prod: Jeff Morris, Kathy Wagner, John Aguirre, & Roger La Page; Written & Directed by Jeff Morris.

AWARDS: 2006 winner of 4 Film Festival Awards.,,,
Independent Rising Magazine
2005 “ANIMAL”, Independent feature, Prod: Kip Konwiser & Ving Rhames; Dir: David J. Burke.


2004 “COME AS YOU ARE”, Independent feature, Prod: Echo Gaffney; D.P. Lawrence Schweich; Dir: Chuck Rose.

2002-03 Additional Editor/1st Asst. Editor, “DOWN WITH LOVE”, feature film for Fox 2000 / Regency,  Dir: Peyton Reed; Prod: Dan Jinks & Bruce Cohen; Editor: Larry Bock

2001 Additional Editor/1st Asst. Editor, “HOW HIGH”, feature film for Universal/Jersey Films;  Dir: Jesse Dylan; Prod: Danny DeVito, Michael Shamberg, Stacey Sher, & Pamela Abdy; Editor: Larry Bock.

"...'How High' ($31 million) is the second highest grossing box-office stoner movie of all time. What is the #1 stoner movie? 'Up In Smoke', grossing $44 million in 1978 - the equivalent of $135 million today."  ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY #987 April 18, 2008
1999-2000 Additional Editor, “BRING IT ON”, feature film for Beacon / Universal, Dir:  Peyton Reed Prod: Marc Abraham & Paddy Cullen; Editor: Larry Bock.



2000 “CLOSE ENOUGH TO TOUCH”, a feature film from Indigo Ent. Prod: Kelley Cauthen & Jennifer Byrne; Dir: Romy Hayes.



1999 “TEMPTATIONS”, a feature film from Mystique Films, Prod: Kelley Cauthen; Dir: Romy Hayes.


1998 “THE SEX MONSTER”, a feature film from Tri-Mark / Molly B Prod. Prod: Mark Fredman, Jack Binder, Scott Stephens; Dir: Mike Binder.



1997 Editor, “A COMMUNITY OF CARING - JOE", a public service video for the American Heart Assoc. / Santa Monica City TV, Prod., Nancy Malone and Robin Gee; Dir: Lane Shefter. 

AWARD: EMMY - Local award for best public produced cable.


  1997 "SPARKLE AND CHARM", Independent feature film for Firewater Picture Company, Dir: Wm Brent Bell; Prod: Slade Barnet.


1994-95 Associate Editor, "DESPERADO", feature film for Columbia, Prod: Bill Borden, Robert Rodriguez, Elizabeth Avellan; Dir: Robert Rodriguez; Editor: Robert Rodriguez.

1994 "DEADLY PAST", a feature film for Curb Entertainment / A-Vision, Prod: Mike Curb, Carole Curb, Gary Bettman; Dir: Tibor Takacs. 

1994 2nd Editor, "SORORITY GIRL", a feature film made for cable for Showtime and Fox, Prod: Debra Hill, Lou Arkoff, David Giler, Willie Kutner, Dir. Uli Edel.




1994 "GRANDPARENTS AND BOOKS", a segment cut for the Home Show, ABC T.V., Host: Gary Collins and Sarah Purcell, Prod: Anna Porretta, Dir: Lane Shefter.


2008 LIFE IN GENERAL”, Prod: Karen Harris; Dir: Roy Steinberg.

Cast: Jo Beth Williams, Arianne Zuker, Lindze Letherman, Rife Sibley & jOHN iNGLE       

2008  SIDE EFFECTS”, Written & Directed by: Chuck Rose.

Cast: Arye Gross & Amanda Tepe    

Official selection of the 2008 Breckenridge, Nantucket and Palm Springs Film Festivals.

2006 “ONDINE”, a short film, Prod. & Dir. Nikolas Konstantinou.
  2006 “LATE”, a short film, Prod. & Dir: Stuart Rogers.
2006 “CURIOUS”, a short film, Prod: Noora Albright; Dir: Scott McCullough.
2006 Co-Editor, “I-NASTY”, a short film, Prod: Joe Rubalcaba, Deb Loftis, & Peter Byck; Dir: Peter Byck.

2005 “DIRTY MARY”, a short film, Prod: Daniele Ferraro; Dir: Stuart Rogers.          
AWARDS: 35 Film Festivals 22 Awards (2006-07). 
  2005 “SIX MONTHS LATER”, a short film, Prod: David Frigerio; Dir. David Frigerio.


2004 “RAW”, a short film, Prod: Tonia Lynn Barber & Svetlana Cvetko; Dir. Tonia Lynn Barber. 

Official selection of the 2005 Sundance & AFI Film Festival


2004 Editor/Associate Producer, “THE 73 VIRGINS”, a short film, Prod: Sondra L. Scott; Dir. Jubin Joseph.   

AWARD: 2005 winner Best Short New York International Independent Film Festival
  2004 Editor/Co-Producer, “THE BOX”, a short film, Dir. Mark Rimer & Ralph Guzzo.
2004 Editor/Co-Producer, “MUG FOR THE CAMERA”, a short film, Prod: Sandy Alprecht; Dir. David Ngo.


2003 TACKLE BOX, a short film, Prod: Matthew Mebane, Maria White Mebane, & Peter Rotter; Dir. Matthew Mebane.
AWARDS: 2004 winner of 18 Film Festival Awards including the 2004 Audience Award at Slamdance.
2002 THE HONOR SYSTEM, a short film from Tight Lipped Films, Prod: Jeff Morris, Kathy Wagner, Barret Randel; Dir. Jeff Morris.

AWARD: 2003 winner of the Audience Award at the Newport Beach Film Festival.

2001 FRANK’S LAST DANCE, one of the first short film shot in 24P High Def.  Prod: Francis Kenny, David J. Burke, & Alphonse Ruggiero; Dir: David J. Burke.



(818) 206-0144


2009 “EUREKA - SEASON 3.5”, Universal Home Ent., Prod: Jamie Willett.

Segment: “Finishing Touches: The Visual Effects in Eureka”


2009 “EUREKA - SEASON 3”, Universal Home Ent., Prod: Jamie Willett.

Segment: “Creating A Musical Personality: Bear McCreary and Jaime Paglia"”

"Excellent work! It was really outstanding. You make Jaime and I look awesome!" - Bear McCreary

2008 “NIGHT GALLERY”, Universal Home Ent., Prod: Jamie Willett.

Segments: “Revisiting the Gallery: A Look Back” and “The Paintings of Night Gallery”

2008 “HOLIDAY INN”, Universal Home Ent., Prod: Jamie Willett.

Segment: “Coloring a Classic”


2008 “CENTENNIAL”, Universal Home Ent., Prod: Jamie Willett.

Segment: “Memories of Centennial”


2008 “EUREKA - SEASON 2”, Universal Home Ent., Prod: Jamie Willett.

Segments: “Happenings Around Town: The Second Season of Eureka” and “Inside The Writer’s    Room : A Sneak Peak at Season 3 of Eureka”

2008 “THE INCREDIBLE HULK" , Universal Home Ent., Prod: Jamie Willett.

Segments: (Season 3) "Remembering 'The Incredible Hulk': An American Classic", (Season 4) "Creating An Iconic Character: The Hulk" and "Inside An Episode: 'Prometheus' Photo Gallery", (Season 5) "Behind The Success: The Story of the Incredible Hulk"
2007 “INVISIBLE MAN - SEASON 1", Universal Home Ent, Prod: Jamie Willett.

Segment: A Sit Down With Creator/Exec. Prod. Matt Greenberg


2007 “TWELVE O'CLOCK HIGH”, 20th Century Fox Home Ent, Prod: Jamie Willett.

Segments: “Memories of Twelve O’Clock High”, “WWII and the American Front”, “Inspiring a Character: General Frank A. Armstrong”, and “The Pilots of the Eighth Air Force”

2005 “ROCK ‘N’ ROLL HIGH SCHOOL – BACK TO SCHOOL”, Disney/Roger Corman.

2005 “BIG BAD MAMA – MAMA KNOWS BEST”, Disney/Roger Corman.

2005 “STATE FAIR – FROM PAGE, TO SCREEN, TO STAGE”, 20th Century Fox Home Ent, Prod: Jamie Willett.

"The short documentary satisfyingly charts "State Fair's" legacy as the only Rogers and Hammerstein work written expressly for film. The well-chosen quotes and interviews simultaneously evoke old-world Hollywood and Broadway."

2005 “UNLEASHED”, Universal/NBC Home Video, Prod: Jamie Willett.

Segments: “Serve No Master” and “The Collar Comes Off – Behind The Scenes Of Unleashed”.

2004-05 “STARGATE SG1” (Session 8) MGM Home Video.

Segments: Directors Series: Avatar, Covenant, Reckoning, Threads, & Stargate SG1 – Alliance: The Video Game.

2004-05 “STARGATE ATLANTIS”, Session 1, MGM Home Video.

Segments: Mission Directive: The Storm/The Eye, Sanctuary, Before I Sleep, & Brotherhood.

2002-03 DOWN WITH LOVE, feature film for Fox 2000 /Regency, Dir: Peyton Reed; Prod: Dan Jinks & Bruce Cohen; Editor: Larry Bock.

Segments: “Hair & Wardrobe Test”, “Split Decisions”, “On Location”,  & “Bloopers”

2001 "PEARL HARBOR - A DAY OF INFAMY", Documentary for Passport Video.
1999 ANOTHER DAY IN PARADISE, (Dir. Cut for DVD) a feature film from Tri-Mark, Prod: Stephen Chin, James Woods; Dir: Larry Clark.





2008 “SHOTGUN RADIO - BLACK WATER”, music videos, Prod: Greco Rossetti & Marcel Saxlund; Dir: Geo Santini.


2006 “STARCROSSED LIVE”, music videos, Prod: Joel Siegel; Dir: Howard White.


2005 “UNLEASHED – MASSIVE ATTACK – ATTA BOY”, music video for Universal/NBC, Prod: Jamie Willett.


  1993 "KATIE’S SONG", music video for Moxie Productions,  Prod: Livia Winston; Dir: Lane Shefter-Bishop.


2009 "MIDNIGHT MISSION", A viideo ntroduction to TMM, Prod: Lane Shefter-Bishop & Erik C. Andersen; Dir: Lane Shefter-Bishop.

2006 "SURVIVOR - THE RIDE", Intro-video to the ride for Paramount Theme Parks, Prod: David Cobb; Dir: John Rust.


1997 RANDY TRAVIS, Montage compilation, design, and editing for this well-known country singer's acting reel for CAA.


SKILLS I have a working knowledge of the Lightworks, Avid, and Film.



"Your skilled fingers restored vintage footage, bringing it back to life in all it's glory!"
Pat Olson - Oct. 4, 2009

"I thought you would like to know that several people asked about the editing
and commented on what an amazing job you did. Of course, I couldn't agree more."
Director of "Locker 13 - Down And Out" Matthew Mebane
at the Charleston Film Festival 2009

"Erik...through the gaze of your lens, things spectacular appear even more poignant.
You see images, much the way that a poet wields words..." 
Bikki Johnson 2008

 "Erik was the best investment I made on my film."
Director of ONDINE, Nikolas K.

"Your editing choices were impeccable!"
Roger Olson 2007


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