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Erik C. Andersen
Assistant Editor

2009 Assistant Editor, “ASTRO BOY” for Imagi, Executive Prods: Francis Kao & Yoshihiro Shmitu; Line Prod: Pilar Flynn; Dir: David Bowers; Editors: Robert Anich Cole.


2005 Assistant Editor, “UNTITLED DIAMOND & WEISSMAN PILOT” for 20th Century Fox TV / CBS, Executive Prod: David Diamond, David Weissman, Marc Abraham & Vahan Moosekian; Dir: Brett Ratner; Editors: Larry Bock & Mark  Helfrich.

2005 Assistant Editor, “EYES” Series for Warner Bros. Television / ABC, Show Creator: John McNamara; Dir: Marcos Siega (EP# 102); Editors: Juan Carlos Garza (EP# 102/04) & Scott K. Wallace (EP# 103).

2003-04 Assistant Editor, “LAS VEGAS”, Series for NBC Productions, Executive Prod: Gary Scott Thompson, Gardner Stern, & Scott Steindorff; Editor: Susanne Malles.

EP# 102 “What Happens In Vegas, Stays In Vegas”, Dir: Michael Watkins

EP# 106 “Semper Spy”, Dir: Guy Bee


EP# 109 “Year of the Tiger”, Dir: Perry Lang


EP# 112 “Blood & Sand”, Dir: Fred Keller


EP# 115 “Die Fast, Die Furious”, Dir: Tucker Gates


P# 118 “Nevada State”, Dir. Tim Busfield


EP# 121 “The Family Jewels”, Dir. Tim Busfield

  2002 Assistant Editor, “MISS MIAMI”, Pilot for NBC Productions, Dir: Stephen Surjik; Executive Prod: Michael Duggan; Editor: Larry Bock.
  2000 1st Assistant Editor, “LOVE SONG”, M.O.W. for MTV, Prod; Kim Ogletree; Dir: Julie Dash; Editor: Pam Malouf.
1999 1st  Assistant Editor, “MISSING PEACES”, M.O.W. for Hallmark Hall of Fame Prod / McGee Street Prod.; Prod. Richard Welsh, Brent Shields, Andrew Gottlieb; Dir: Carl Schenkel; Editor: Toni  Morgan.

CAST: James Coburn, Paul Kersey, Lisa Zane


  1998-99 1st Assistant Editor, “KIMBERLY”, feature film for Moonstone Ent., Dir: Frederic Golchan; Prod: Etchie Stroh, Yael Stroh, Andrew Sugarman;Editor: Larry Bock.


1998 Film Assistant Editor, "MIGHTY JOE YOUNG", feature film for Walt Disney Pictures / RKO Pictures, Dir: Ron Underwood; Prod: Tom Jacobson and Ralph Winter; Editor: Paul Hirsch.



1997-98 Assistant Editor, "MERCURY RISING", feature film for Universal / Imagine Ent, Dir: Harold Becker; Prod: Brian Grazer, Ric Kidney, Joe Singer; Editor: Peter Honess.

1996-97 1st Assistant Editor, "SPEED 2", feature film for 20th Century Fox, Dir: Jan De Bont; Prod: Michael Peyser, Steve Perry; Editor: Alan Cody.

1996 Assistant Editor, "THE GHOST AND THE DARKNESS", feature film for Paramount, Dir: Stephen Hopkins; Prod: Michael Douglas, Steve Reuther;  Editors: Robert Brown, Steve Mirkovich, and Roger Bondelli.



  1995 1st  Assistant Editor, PROBLEM CHILD 3 "Junior in Love", M.O.W. for Ascato Television Inc., Prod: Bob Simonds, Brian Levant, Anthony Santa Croce; Dir: Greg Beeman; Editor: Mallory Gottlieb.


  1995 Assistant Editor, "OBLIVION 2 - BACKLASH", feature film for Full Moon Ent., Prod: Charles Band, Oana Paunesco, Vlad Paunescu; Dir: Sam Irvin; Editor: Andy Horvitch.


  1995 Assistant Editor, "TACO BELL - CONGO WATCHES", Commercial for Boyington Film Prods.

NOTE: The camera tap was wired directly into the Avid for the shot of the camera flying trough a cave to a close-up of the watches. While shooting I would digitized the take into the computer, cut it into the 10 to 30 sec spot and show it to the Ad agency. Instant approval of a shoot before the film was even processed. (This was a state-of-art way to work)

1994-95 1st Assistant Editor, FOUR ROOMS "The Misbehavers", feature film for Miramax Films, Prod. Lawrence Bender; Dir: Allison Anders, Alex Rockwell, Quentin Tarantino, and Robert Rodriguez; Editor: Robert Rodriguez.
1993-94 1st  Assistant Editor, REBEL HIGHWAY SERIES, ten made-for-cable feature films for Showtime, Prod: Debra Hill, Lou Arkoff, Willie Kutner, and David Giler.
"COOL AND THE CRAZY", Dir: Ralph Bakshi; Editor: Larry Bock.
"DRAGSTRIP GIRL", Dir: Mary Lambert; Editor: Gordon Antell.
"MOTORCYCLE GANG", Dir: John Milius; Editor: Mark Helfrich.
"GIRLS IN PRISON", Dir: John McNaughton; Editor: Larry Bock.
"RUNAWAY DAUGHTERS", Dir: Joe Dante; Editor: Mark Helfrich. 
"ROADRACERS", Dir: Robert Rodriguez; Editor: Robert Rodriguez. 
"JAILBREAKERS", Dir: William Fredkin; Editor: Augie Hess.
 "SHAKE, RATTLE & ROCK", Dir: Allan Arkush; Editor: Mark Helfrich.




  1993 Assistant Film Editor, "PRIZE FIGHTER", video game for SEGA, Dir: Ron Stein; Prod: Kevin Welsh & Charlie Schlissel; Editor: Mike Kress.

In 1993 I helped introduce a new computer-based editing system into the Hollywood industry, LIGHTWORKS. Christy's Editorial Film Supply rented the machines and I provided training plus technical support on the following projects:


1993 "HEAVEN AND EARTH" Dir: Oliver Stone; Editors: David Brenner & Sally Menke.

1993 "SIX DEGREES OF SEPARATION" for MGM; Dir: Fred Schepisi; Editor: Peter Honess.

1993 "THE PELICAN BRIEF" Dir: Alan Pakula; Editor: Tom Rolf

1994 "NATURAL BORN KILLER" Dir: Oliver Stone; Editor Hank Corwin & Brian Berdan.

1994 "INSIDE THE GOLDMINE" Dir: Josh Evans; Editor: Nabil Mehchi; Asst. Editor: Pierre Salloum.

1994 "MY SUMMER STORY" For MGM; Dir: Bob Clark; Editor Stan Cole.


1993 "CALIFORNIA DREAMS" For NBC Productions; Editor Sheila Hall.

1993 "FRIDAY NIGHT VIDEOS" For NBC Productions; Editor Sheila Hall.

1993 "INCREDIGIRL" a pilot for Universal; Editor: Richard Freeman; Assistant Editor: Merry Tiger.

1993 "SILENT NIGHT" Kushner-Locke Company; Editor: Larry Gleason; Assistant Editor: Dave Greenberg.


1993 "KALIFORNIA" Editor: Martin Hunter.


1993 ROLLING STONES "ROCK & ROLL CIRCUS" for ABCKO; Editor: Ruth Foster.

1994 "MARILYN MONROE, LIFE AFTER DEATH" for Freedman/Greene Productions; Dir: Gordon Freedman; Editor: Jim Rosenthal.


1991 Assistant Film Editor, "MADONNA, TRUTH OR DARE", documentary feature for Propaganda / Boy Toy Inc., Dir: Alek Keshishian; Prod: Jay Roewe.
1991 Production Assistant, "TWIN PEAKS - FIRE WALK WITH ME", feature film for New Line Cinema; Dir: David Lynch; Prod: Mark Frost & Gregg Fienberg.
  1991 Production Assistant, "THE DXTR'S", Commercial for Sears; Dir: Greg Strom & Doug Magallon; Prod: Cathy Diaz.
  1991 Production Assistant, "SHOT OF POISON", Propaganda Films/The Foundry Music Video for Lita Ford; Record Company: B.M.G.; Dir: Nigel Dick; Prod: Lisa Hollingshead.
  1991 Craft Service, "HOTEL" & "PAYPHONE", Limelight Commercial for Skytel; Dir: Simon West; Prod: Julie Pantelich.
  1991 Production Assistant, "DUNKIN" & "DOGS OF WAR", Propaganda Films Commercial for Miller Lite; Dir: Greg Gold; Prod: Phil Rose & Marylu Jeffery; Starring: Andy Dick.
  1991 Craft Service, "SECRETS OF THE HEART", Propaganda Films/The Foundry Music Video for Chesney Hawkes, Record Company: Chrysalis Records Limited; Dir: Nigel Dick; Prod: Lisa Hollingshead.
  1991 Craft Service, "FUNKIE FLUTE", Propaganda Films/The Foundry Music Video for Jimmy Z & Dr. Dre, Record Company: ATCO/Atlantic; Dir: Jean Pellerin; Prod: Howard Woffinden.
  1991 Craft Service, "HEAVEN IN THE BACK SEAT", Propaganda Films Music Video for Eddie Money, Record Company: Sony Music; Dir: Nigel Dick; Prod: Lisa Hollingshead.
  1991 Production Assistant, "MY ADDICTION", Propaganda Films/The Foundry Music Video for the group Pale Divine, Record Company: Atlantic; Dir: Jean Pellerin; Prod: Eric Barrett.
  1991 Production Assistant, "CANON BUBBLE JET PRINTERS", Werts Films Commercial for Canon; Dir: Bill Werts; Prod: Debbie Tietjen.
  1990 Production Assistant, "ROCKIN' IS MA' BUSINESS", Propaganda Films; Music Video for the group The Four Horsemen, Record Company: Def America; Dir: Pete Angelus; Prod: Deannie O'Neil.
  1990 Post Production Supervisor, "HOGGS' HEAVEN", 30 minute movie for Chanticleer Films, Dir: Michael Taav; Prod: Jonathan Sanger, Jana Memel, & Hillary Ripps; Exec. in Charge of Prod: Tracie Graham & June Guterman.
  1990 Post Production Supervisor, "MISSING PARENTS", 30 minute movie for Chanticleer Films, Dir: Martin Nicholson; Editor: Fred Burke; Prod: Jonathan Sanger and Jana Memel.
  1990 Post Production Supervisor, "LITTLE FEET", 30 minute movie for Chanticleer Films, Dir: Connie Grappo; Prod: Jonathan Sanger and Jana Memel.
  1990 Post Production Supervisor, "ONCE IN A BLUE MOON", 30 minute movie for Chanticleer Films, Dir: Charley Lang; Prod: Jonathan Sanger and Jana Memel.

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